Building Confidence and Brilliance through STEEAM

We build, train, and nurture for success in STEEAM. (Science Technology Engineering Entrepreneurship Arts and Math)

And it’s more than just learning technical skills or doing exercises. We focus on nurturing essential life skills like collaboration, communication, and decision-making. Through fun team-building assignments, students build a strong foundation for future success.


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What We Offer

Investing in learning technology is important because the need for technical capital is extremely high, and will only rise. DBH provides access, training, and services so that our community can be better prepared to respond to this need. Through teaching every faction in software development and music production from start to completion, all of our students leave with transferable skills and get all the secrets that top 500 companies use, while also being prepared for life after high school.

Tired of your child playing video games?

Meet them where they are by showing them how to make a career out of it.

Our Services

Key services we provide to our students.

Technical Training

We provide Technical Training to our students, so when they complete all of what we have to offer, they will built their resume with at least 3 years of work experience. We work with any learning style so that no one is left behind.

Soft Skills

We teach our students how to critically think, work with other people as a team, plan out a project, and see it to completion, while teaching them how to be leaders. Students learn and work using Scrum and Agile methodologies.


After a student has aged out of DBH, we also offer paid internships to the students to keep building on the technical foundation that they received prior.

Ogre's Mayhem Development

Experience working on a Game Development Team by contributing to Ogre's Mayhem, a well loved beat 'em up game built entirely by Digital Brilliance Hour students.

Latest Album Release

Experience the latest album composed and built solely by Digital Brilliance Hour students.

Our Clients

We focus on our community, primarily underrepresented communities to ensure that we are better prepared for the technical need that's desperately looking for our involvement today and in the future so that we can achieve true diversity in IT. We inspire to prepare our youth with the skills necessary to succeed in STEM and any other path they choose.

DBH has taught 140+ students since the beginning.

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